Molecular determinants of wood colonization by trunk pathogens

Cantu_SCRImeeting2016Dario Cantu
This is a presentation about the progress we made in understanding the mechanisms underlying grape trunk diseases with the objective to (i) facilitate the development of more accurate diagnostic tools and (ii) assist the effort to identify genetic sources of tolerance in the grape germplasm.
Link to presentation: Molecular determinants of wood colonization by trunk pathogens


Identifying biochemical and anatomical markers for resistance in grape, almond, and pistachio wood

Rolshausen_picPhilippe E. Rolshausen

Rohslausen discusses how cell wall chemical composition and differences in wood anatomy could be responsible for variance in susceptibility between different cultivars.

Link to the presentation: “Identifying biochemical and anatomical markers of resistance in grape, almond & pistachio wood

Host-based molecular markers for early detection of infection

  • Goal– To determine if host-based molecular markers are unique to a particular pathogen
  • Activities – Identification of which pathogens are present in grapevine wood

Host marker 1Host marker 2Water stress4 Results and Outputs – Utilize qPCR to detect differential expression of target genes Water stress 6Significant Outcomes & Impacts – Identification of which pathogens are present in nursery stock grapevine wood. Eliminate contaminated stocks that would otherwise be used for propagation.

Water stress and infection

Goal– To determine if water stress exacerbates infection and test specificity of host-based markers to infection

Activities – Identification of host-based markers specific to infection and water stress

Water stress2water stress 1 Water stress3Two watering regimes tested:

  1. Well-watered control
  2. Severe water stress (16-17 bars leaf water potential)

Three inoculation regimes tested:

  1. NINW: non-inoculated non-wounded
  2. NIW: non-inoculated wounded
  3. IW: inoculated wounded


Water stress4

Results & Outputs – To understand how abiotic stress can influence disease progression and to validate molecular marker specificity to Neofusicoccumparvum.

Water stress 5Water stress 6