Do you have a trunk disease?

These common symptoms are typical of all trunk diseases:

  • Dead spurs (Figure 1)
  • Figure 1, for web

    Figure 1 – Dead spurs are found even in the dormant season. This dead spur, photographed in December, is flanked by spurs with canes. (Photo by Kendra Baumgartner)

  • Stunted shoots (Figure 2)

    Figure 2

    Figure 2 – Stunted shoots are most apparent in early summer. Healthy-looking shoots continue to grow, but shoots on infected spurs (2nd spur from the end of this cordon) start to die. (Photo by Larry Bettiga).

  • Woody symptoms (Figure 3)
Figure 3

Figure 3 – Internal wood symptoms are found year round. Cross-sectional cuts of the permanent woody structure of the vine (spurs, cordons, or trunk) expose cankers that vary widely in shape, color, and texture. (Photos by Renaud Travadon).

  • Damage to a cordon or trunk from abiotic factors (e.g., girdling from wire, sunburn, mechanical injury, spray damage) can appear to be a trunk disease symptom (Figure 4).  Vines heal from these types of physical injuries and may form new tissue around the wound, distinguishing such damage from that of a trunk disease.
Figure 4

Figure 4 – Stunted shoots (top) on a cordon wrapped too tightly to the training wire, which is girdling the cordon as it grows (closeup on bottom). (Photos by Mark Battany).

Figure 4b

Figure 4, Close up girdling



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